ASUS Transformer Overclocked to an Unstable 1.4GHz

android asus transformerThis is not really out of the norm for a new device, as they all see overclocking following a release. Depending on the device and hardware results always vary. Some devices may see gains of as much as 600MHz while remaining stable and other may not make past 300MHz without going down in flames. Recent adventures into the kernel of the ASUS Transformer have let developers pump in an extra 400MHz taking this already speedy device to a 1.4GHz quadrant burning peak. Long ventures at these speeds are not recommended and the dev has suggested that you keep the speeds turned down to a tame 1.2Ghz. Even at that speed the Transformer should be more than adequate.If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a Transformer and are looking to add a bit more giddy-up-and-go to your tablet head on over to the XDA thread.

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