Android Vmusic Pro

android music appThe latest trendy music application on Google Play is called Vmusic Pro. This app, although new, is proud to be ability to be heard not less than 15 million songs from all musical genres.
As an alternative to Youtube or Dailymotion he has against the advantage of limiting the music, so it sets aside all aspiring singers who take the hits they love. So, and this is a good point, the search for a title is easy. You can listen to clips and favorite singers. Vmusic Pro also a feature to allow access to the words. This will not work for sure, but in many cases.
In terms of its presentation and its ergonomics, Vmusic Pro remains quite simple and not very original. If everyone has the opportunity to use the software without too much difficulty, it does not necessarily take a lot of pleasure. Developers will therefore work to be done at this level.

The application works with both Wifi 3G. Sometimes bugs or slowdowns limit their use. However, these difficulties are due more to the network to malfunction Vmusic Pro. Finally, another good point of this app with customizing it. The user can indeed keep favorite videos, artists put epigraphs or have access to the latest tracks played. This greatly increases the ease of use.

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