Android Vmusic Pro

android music app

The latest trendy music application on Google Play is called Vmusic Pro. This app, although new, is proud to be ability to be heard not less than 15 million songs from all musical genres. As an alternative to Youtube or […]

The Croods

croods androide game

Two weeks before the theatrical release of the latest animated DreamWorks film called The Croods, here is a dedicated game lands on Android, created by Rovio (Angry Birds). The Croods is fairly standard and not very original, since you will […]

Acer Liquid Z110 Duo : Android and dual SIM

acer liquid z110 duo

Acer Liquid Z110 Duo is equipped with Android in its version of Gingerbread (2.3) and non-ICS (4.0). This may cause some disappointments, but this choice is perfectly consistent with the modest features of the mobile. On the design side, the Liquid […]

LG Optimus G

LG Optimus G

The phone lines are thus very similar to the Optimus 4X HD, but the manufacturer has made efforts on finishing his phone. Thus, as the Google Nexus 4, made by LG, the Optimus G has a very elegant glass back, […]

Sony Xperia Z

sony xperia z

Sony has recently expanded its Xperia family with a new Android smartphone positioning on the high-end market. Xperia Z stands at several levels. On the one hand it sports a minimalist frame polyamide, secondly it is true figure cameraphone sensor […]

The T-Mobile G1

tmobile g1

If you’re just getting the T-Mobile G1, you’ll find that it’s fairly easy to use. You need to figure out just a few buttons, shown in Figure 2.1. Most of the functionality is built into the touch screen capabilities. (If […]

WinAmp for Android

winamp android

NullSoft has just issued a final release of  WinAmp in the Android market. Some of the bigger features they’re touting the are some layout changes as a part of the app’s redesign and the newly-added functionality that allows users to […]

ASUS Transformer Overclocked to an Unstable 1.4GHz

android asus transformer

This is not really out of the norm for a new device, as they all see overclocking following a release. Depending on the device and hardware results always vary. Some devices may see gains of as much as 600MHz while […]

Brightness Motion, Control your screens brightness with a flick of your wrist

XDA brightness motion

XDA developed a very interesting way to change the brightness of your Android devices screen. XDA said it best ” we tend to take utmost care of our devices so that they don’t get hit, scratched, or damaged and yet […]

HTC EVO 4G LTE Root Tutorial

root evo 4g lte

Root Android system can bring great benefits to you, although recent information covered by latest iOS jailbreak, Android developers are very active, last weekend and had a new machine can support the Root, but this time we bring is the […]